About us

Our history

We are a Brazilian startup created in 2015 that has a management platform for vehicle sales and inventory.

We operate in the commercialization of cars, motorcycles and trucks through a platform directly accessed by automotive dealerships and used as an advertisement portal for the wholesale of used inventory within an online trading system.

Our products operate in a totally automated way, from the appraisal and auctioning of the used vehicle, through the registration of the advertisement until its sale.

Our product portfolio also has a specific APP for appraisal and bidding of vehicles and a data analysis platform focused on helping sellers and buyers to achieve financial health in their business.


Creation of “Compre Já”, the first vehicle pass-through portal in Brazil.


First appraisal of vehicles performed by a mobile application.


First vehicle sold by the pass-through portal.


Creation of the appraisal management platform, fully integrated with the main systems of the dealerships.


Auto Action system hits nationwide coverage.


Auto Action hits the target of 32.321 vehicles sold by the platform.


Creation of AutoFlash, an appraisal photo booth for vehicles with sensors and 360 degree cameras.


Company expansion to Mexico, Portugal, Argentina and USA.

Our Mission

Renew the used vehicle market, to improve profitability and security in transactions and relationships between all the involved, based on ethics, knowledge and technology.

Our Vision

Being recognized worldwide as the largest digital solution for buying, selling and managing used vehicles.

Our Values


We question traditional models and processes to renew the used vehicle sales business.


We have a thorough knowledge of all stages of the used vehicle business, from appraisal to sale, supporting the challenges of our customers and providing references in the market.


We love our business and proud of the people who are part of our team.


We are committed to the challenges of the company, with defined goals, ethics and good relations between colleagues, customers and the market.

Where we work
Argentina Corporate office
Phone Number: +54 1140554578 / +54 1155036483
Addr.: Av. del Libertador, 1000
B1638 Vicente López, Buenos Aires
Office: 2-119
Vinhedo, Brazil Tech Center
Phone Number: +55 19 3836-5858
Addr.: Rua dos Pardais, 60
Jardim Itália 13289-180
Vinhedo - SP
México Corporate office
Phone Number: +52 55 2542-7090
Addr.: Masaryk 111, Polanco
Polanco V Secc
11510 Ciudad de México, CDMX
USA Corporate office
Phone Number: +1 813 830 1933
Addr.: 9821 E Bay Harbor Dr. #703
Bay Harbor Islands, Miami, 33154
Portugal Corporate office
Phone Number: +351 211 224 703
Addr.: Taguspark
Núcleo Central, 100 sala 338 2740-122
Oeiras - Portugal
São Paulo, Brazil Corporate office
Phone Number: +55 11 5105-2600
Addr.: Av. das Nações Unidas, 12399
Brooklin - Ed Landmark 04578-000
São Paulo - SP
Chile Corporate office
Phone Number: +54 1140554578 / +54 1155036483
Our numbers
18.000 Vehicles sold per month
200.000 Appraisals per month
30.000 Independent dealerships
3.500 Franchise dealerships
Our pillars

The easiest way to source your vehicle inventory